Wellbeing vans

The wellbeing outreach service is a fleet of bespoke fitted vans, which deploy to operating bases across England and Wales, providing a platform to deliver welfare support and physical, psychological, and financial health checks to officers and staff.

It consists of three main elements:

  • wellbeing, healthcare and fatigue awareness
  • support following a major or particularly traumatic incident
  • welfare support at large planned events where officers and staff are on duty

Why we have the vans

From research and feedback, we know that officers and staff often do not feel they have the time in their day to seek advice or support for their own wellbeing so these vans have been introduced so forces can bring their wellbeing services to the frontline.

The wellbeing vans are an opportunity for forces to make sure staff know what services are available should they ever need support, whether that be in relation to their mental or physical health, finances, advice about work life balance, or anything else for that matter.

However, staff don’t have to need support or advice to come along – the vans offer the opportunity for people just to pop in, spend five minutes having a look around, take some information away in case they, or a member of their team, need that support in the future.

If anyone does need advice or support, the van will be staffed with people who can help there and then or signpost out to the places that can.

The vans are not designed to be a fix or a one off solution – they are part of a wide range of support available to your force from the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) that should see staff with options for support 24/7 all year round.


Physical health checks

When deployed our vans are supported by occupational health staff from the host force or the force’s external provider who carry out physical health checks. Each van has medical equipment on board including a blood pressure monitor, scales, lung age screener, cholesterol and glucose measure. Disposable items such as cholesterol strips, are not provided.

The vans can also be staffed by financial advisors, Police Federation, chaplaincy members, trades unions and staff support networks.

Support following a major incident

Our specially designed OK1 van is fitted as a mobile welfare room providing operational teams with a space to relax and reflect in comfort. It has been used around the country to support the front line at major incidents and challenging situations.

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Welfare support at large events

Our vans are also used as welfare support bases at large pre-planned events such as party political conferences, international summits, major sporting events and anywhere where there are many police officers and staff on duty.

If a major event is taking place in your force and you'd like one of our vans to attend, please get in touch. 

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Booking a wellbeing van

The vans are available to book by police forces from England and Wales. To check availability and book your van please use our online booking system.

Promoting the van locally

We have created the following resources to help you to promote the wellbeing outreach service in your force.

Our fleet

Standard OK Van