Videos and animations

We have grouped together all our video content. These can be used within your own force to give guidance, share learning,  supporting and improving the wellbeing of your officers and staff.

Introduction to Oscar Kilo

Find out all about Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS), what we are about and the services we offer. This video can be used to promote the service locally giving officers and staff a better understanding of how we support them and their forces to improve wellbeing in policing.

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Real stories: The view from a call handler

This is the story of a police staff call handler who came forward to share her experiences in the hope it might encourage others to speak up if they are not okay. It is one of a set of three animations the others are covert protection officer and a roads policing officer.

Psychological screening programme

As police officers and staff we are at higher risk of suffering from psychological impact than others. This video explains the help and support that is available from the NPWS through our psychological risk assessments, part of our psychological and trauma risk management service.

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Real stories: The view from a covert protection officer

This is the story of a police staff member working in a covert protection team. He came forward to share his experiences of a stressful, all consuming role which eventually took its toll on him and his mental health. It is one of a set of three animations the others being a call handler and a roads policing officer. 

Thin blue mind

Martin a police officer for 14 years, works in the serious crime unit. Part of his role involves viewing indecent images of children. He has always been confident and competent in his role, but unbeknownst to him it was slowly eating away at his emotional and mental wellbeing. 


Real stories: The view from a roads policing officer

This is the story of a roads policing officer, who talks about balancing a stressful day job with caring for her autistic daughter at home. This is one of a series of three animations created to show the impact that working for the emergency services can have on the people behind the role.