Major incident response

In addition to our regular vans we have ‘Oscar Kilo 1 and Oscar Kilo 2’ which have been specifically designed to deploy to major and national incidents.

Oscar Kilo 1 can be deployed to the scene of a major incident. The van is kitted out as a mobile refs room providing officers and staff working at the scene the opportunity to take some ‘time out’, have a hot drink and refreshments, and get a few minutes to sit down and relax. 

Oscar Kilo 2, also deployed to a scene will provide officers and staff the opportunity to undertake one to one counselling and / or peer support, in a safe environment, in addition to having a hot drink or snack.

Evaluation for all deployments is conducted via a simple debrief form which will be sent out after the deployment

The main aim of the outreach service is to bring wellbeing to the front line, therefore it is imperative that the van is deployed to operational police stations and not just training centres or headquarters.

Consideration should be given to deployment times to maximise the foot fall of users to ensure that as many people as possible are given the opportunity to use the service. A full communications toolkit will be provided prior to deployment to allow the vehicle to be publicised internally.