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Modern policing is varied and complex. The nature of policing has changed dramatically in the last decade reflecting modern society.

Technological developments and attitudinal changes have been the precursors to confront new crimes and to protect victims and the vulnerable, as well as responding to traditional crimes, such as burglary, public order disturbances and murder. The impact on mental health is significant including burnout and trauma-related symptoms.

Unlike the military, the police are dependent on the NHS for healthcare and treatment. The familiar challenges affecting NHS delivery – leading to long waiting times and difficulty accessing specialist care for non-urgent treatment – have led to police forces investing in their own healthcare systems to build resilience.

We’re working with the Royal College of GPs to create educational content for GPs and other primary care professionals to increase awareness of the health needs of those working within the police force.

This programme will take the form of an initial informational webinar and then three ‘5 Minutes to Change Your Practice’ screencasts which will be available to GPs across the country and will focus on both the physical and mental health requirements of police officers.

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Ahead of the release of the screencasts, we held a webinar with the Royal College of GPs. This webinar covered how to address the roles, challenges and associated health issues within modern policing and how a GP can approach particular needs and support the policing workforce.

You can access a recording of the webinar using the button below. You will need to register for an account but this is free of charge.

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