Better sleep toolkit

Oscar Kilo have teamed up with The Sleep Scientist Dr Sophie Bostock, to create a 'Better Sleep Toolkit' aimed at supporting police officers, staff, and volunteers with fatigue and sleep problems. 

In this toolkit, you will find the four week better sleep online course, a series of webinars and some bite sized advice to help you improve your sleep.

Why are we offering it?

The results from first ever national Oscar Kilo police wellbeing survey in 2019, told us very clearly that fatigue is a big issue within policing. It identified that 45% of police officers and 30% of police staff reported sleeping less than six hours per night very often or all of the time and that people working shifts experience poor sleep quality more frequently with 27% of police officers and 25% of police staff reporting disturbed sleep.

We do a tough job, and working for the police – especially if you are a shift worker – means that your sleep patterns are vulnerable to all sorts of challenges.

Better sleep webinars

These webinars will help you to learn and practice strategies to improve the quality of your rest, no matter how much, or how little, you get.

You will also be able to access recordings of previous ‘live’ sessions covering sleep strategies for shift workers, stubborn sleep problems, nightmares, snoring and other challenges and sleepless parents' survival guide. 

How to access the toolkit

If you are a serving officer or member of staff within a UK police force with a email address and you would like to access this content, you can create a log in on this website. You will then be automatically able to access this material. 

If you do not have a email address but are a serving member of a police force or other policing organisation - then please contact us to request access.

Top tips for implementation

Tip 1
Share the toolkit with health and wellbeing champions and single points of contact.
Tip 2
Signpost to the Oscar Kilo page from internal web pages.
Tip 3
Use as a key resource during wellbeing awareness campaigns such as investigator wellbeing week, front line resilience week.
Budget required

Ease of implementation

Impact on investigators