Keeping the peace: Series 1

Working with Humberside Police and Fortis Therapy and Training, Oscar Kilo has released a pilot series of podcast style interviews.

The series of interviews, entitled, ‘Keeping the Peace’ have been put together to make conversations about police wellbeing more accessible.

About Fortis Therapy and Training

Fortis Therapy and Training are a multi-award winning therapeutic mental health and emotional wellbeing service. Alexis Powell-Howard, is the MD of Fortis Therapy and Training and a TEDx speaker, psychotherapist, systemic practitioner, coach, trainer, and mediator, who is facilitating the conversation.  Alexis and her business have worked with police forces for many years providing effective therapy, training, and team development.

Episode list

  • Introductory podcast
  • Episode 1: Me, the force and the big C
  • Episode 2: The highs and lows of working from home
  • Episode 3: Managing change responsively
  • Episode 4: Talking bereavement
  • Episode 5: Stress less


Introductory podcast

In this short podcast, Alexis sets the scene for how this series of podcasts came about and what it aims to do.

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Episode 1: Me, the force and the big C

Cancer can strike fear into most of us. In this conversation Alexis talks with Janice Walker (Operational Police Training Sergeant), who was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Laraine Cowley Senior Occupational Health Advisor.  The conversation takes you through Janice’s experiences as someone who survived cancer and how important the support from her management was to her.  

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Episode 2: The highs and lows of working from home

Alexis hosts a conversation with Lianne Moore, Contact Officer in the Force Control Room and DCI Pete Thorp discussing all aspects of working from home.  As a new concept to policing, working from home has had its challenges and innovative approaches to working and managing people, have been needed.  

This conversation takes you through the lessons learned from both Lianne who is working from home and Pete, who is managing a team remotely, with the good practices that have been developed along the way with huge successes and benefits.  

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Episode 3: Managing change responsively

In this episode, Alexis talks with ACC Paul Anderson and ACO Nancie Shackleton about the challenges of COVID-19 and supporting staff in these changes, learning as an organisation, and the importance of fostering a learning culture.

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Episode 4: Talking bereavement

Officers often deal with situations and incidences that involve death but what happens when you lose someone close in your own life, or you grow up in the shadow cast by loss in your own family.  In this conversation, Alexis speaks with ACO Nancie Shackleton and Health and Wellbeing Manager Sandy Powdrell about the losses they have faced, learning to talk about how they feel and strategies that have helped.

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Episode 5: Stress less

In this episode, Alexis speaks with DCI Pete Thorp all about supporting personal resilience, cultural aspects affecting self-care, and the impact of the keeping the peace training rolled out across Humberside police.

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