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27 Nov 2018
Workplace mental health training for managers
This research paper looks at how mental illness continues to be one of the most rapidly growing causes of long-term sickness absence and labour market exclusion across developed countries.
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1 Sep 2018
The key facets to wellbeing
Find out about the 'Key Facets to Wellbeing' model and how it can impact on workplace wellbeing.
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26 Oct 2017
Thriving at work
This independent review looks into how employers can better support the mental health of all people currently in employment.
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17 Aug 2017
Wellbeing and engagement in policing
This paper entitled ‘Wellbeing and engagement in policing: the key to unlocking discretionary effort’ looks closely at the relationship between wellbeing and engagement with discretionary effort and how leadership plays a huge role.
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17 Jun 2017
Blog: Valuing the men and women of our emergency services
The Oscar Kilo Team had the chance to speak to TV’s Nick Knowles who told us all about his personal connection through having friends in the services, and, why he feels it is so important that we look after our staff – so we can look after and protect others…
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