OK9 top dog: Woody

Published 29 Sep 2022
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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3 mins

Congratulations goes to Woody who is an OK9 top dog and his handler Natalie Perrett from Avon and Somerset Police. In this article you will discover what Woody has been up to to deserve this honour.

After our wellbeing dogs and their handlers have been on visits we tend to get lots of feedback about the work they do and it is always overwhelmingly positive. 

Jacquita Mead – HR business partner and health and wellbeing lead for the force said:

Woody and Natalie Perrett are exceptional. They respond to requests and have a great rapport with all that come to see them.

Here are a few examples.

Station visit – team returned to station after being with a suicidal male for 6-7 hours. The team were very pleased to see Woody and spent some time playing with him after dealing with a distressing job.

Station visit – after attending a briefing to speak about OK9 a member of the response team asked to speak with me privately. The officer was struggling with their mental health after an upsetting incident and did not feel that they could speak with anyone about it. Said that the dog was a good distraction and helped them open up. They are now managing better and have been provided with details of how to access further support should they require it.

Station visit – investigations were dealing with a serious sexual assault and were really happy that Woody was around for cuddles/to play with to give them some time out from a very busy shift.

Diversity Awareness Day – Woody was invited to a diversity awareness day at Gloucester Cricket Club – engaged with other services (armed forces, mental health charities etc) as well as the public who were very happy to see that we are looking after the wellbeing of our staff.

Woody is making a massive difference in his force which we are all very proud of. Well done Woody.

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