Television presenter and former police officer supports our Operation Hampshire: Together against assaults campaign

Published 16 Nov 2022
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Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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We are delighted to have Rav Wilding, TV presenter and former Metropolitan and British Transport police officer supporting the launch of our brand new ‘Together against assaults’ Operation Hampshire campaign. Read on to find out all about the campaign, why it's important and how we are supporting forces across the country to support officers and staff who have been assaulted at work.

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Police officers and staff face confrontation and aggression on a regular basis, particularly those serving in front line roles, but being physically assaulted is not something we should accept as part of the job.

Through this campaign we want to encourage a ‘togetherness mentality’ to improve the way assaults are understood, talked about and reported. We want officers and staff to know they are not on their own. Operation Hampshire is here to help. Together is stronger.

The main concept centres around a short film, voiced over by Rav, wrapped around with key messages and supporting resources to encourage a clearer understanding of Operation Hampshire, the impact of assaults and to encourage reporting.

The roll out of this campaign is an integral part of the wider Operation Hampshire programme in the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS), which is led by Oscar Kilo through the College of Policing.

As every UK force has signed up to Op Hampshire through the NPCC Officer and Staff Safety Review, and because it now features as a priority in the Police Covenant, it is important that officers and staff know what it is and what it means to them.

This campaign has been developed to be used by forces locally to educate officers and staff and encourage them to report assaults. There's also an element aimed at front line supervisors who need to know what can be done for someone when they report an assault, signs to look out for and the impact that assaults can have.

The new year will also see the launch of an online training package, accessible through the College of Policing, which will give individuals a chance to find out more about Operation Hampshire and how reporting an assault can help ensure the wellbeing of everyone working in policing.


Rav Wilding TV presenter

Rav Wilding said: “It was a privilege to be the voice of this campaign. As an ex-police officer, I’ve seen the impact being assaulted can have on colleagues and friends. It shouldn’t be part of the job and together, by opening up and reporting we can change this culture and bring individuals to justice.”     



Andy Rhodes, Service Director, National Police Wellbeing Service said: Operation Hampshire has been developed to ensure every officer has total support to make sure they can feel confident about reporting an assault. Being assaulted at work is not something any of us should accept and nor should we accept it as a society or within the justice system. Police officers and police staff do a job like no other, you deserve to be supported and you deserve to seek justice.”  


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You can get more information about this campaign and to access the film, the downloadable resources and copy to use locally, click the button below.

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