Investigator week of action

Published 3 Nov 2022
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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5 mins

We are delighted to be publishing the second edition of the 'Wellbeing of Investigators Toolkit'. It has been developed by the National Wellbeing of Investigators Working Group, with the support of the Police Federation, the College of Policing, the National Police Chiefs Council and Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services.

We know that the role of a detective and a police staff investigator is incredibly rewarding but the personal sacrifices investigators make, the responsibility of supporting victims, the continual exposure to trauma and the high workloads can impact heavily on their wellbeing. 

Our 2019 National Police Wellbeing Survey demonstrated that investigators, both staff and officers, experience the lowest levels of wellbeing across policing, and particularly suffer from a loss of emotional energy. The poor wellbeing of investigators is also well documented in other academic research. 

This updated toolkit provides investigators, their line managers and senior leaders with the information they need to enhance the health and wellbeing of investigators, particularly those in higher risk roles. It includes a raft of interventions that have proven benefits and are graded to show ease of implementation, cost implications and effectiveness. Interventions are categorised into key themes; leadership, protect and prepare the workforce, mental health, personal resilience and creating the environment. 

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National investigator week of action 2022

This refreshed toolkit is being launched as part of the national investigator week of action taking place the 7th - 11th November. Throughout the week a range of webinars will be taking place, these webinars are aimed at individuals working within an investigator role but are open to anyone with a or email. 

Using the link below you can find out about all the sessions and register for the ones you are interested in. Links to join the webinars will be sent directly to your work email.

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