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13 Dec 2021
Sleep, alertness and fatigue in emergency responders
We have teamed up with experts at the University of Surrey to launch a new sleep disorders education and screening programme aimed at reducing fatigue and sleep problems in police officers and staff.
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10 Dec 2021
Blog: Breast cancer and me
In this blog, Catherine Pritchard from Cheshire Constabulary talks about her breast cancer diagnosis and how she is supporting others.
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25 Oct 2021
National police wellbeing survey 2021
More than 36,000 police officers, staff, and volunteers across UK policing have given their views on how the service can best support them by filling in the national police wellbeing survey.
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22 Oct 2021
Operation Hampshire workshop a success
As part of our work on Op Hampshire, we were interested to understand if the Microsoft 365 productivity tools being rolled out across the country could be used to monitor assaults on officers and staff, and the support provided after such incidents.
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7 Oct 2021
Supporting organisational wellbeing and mental health
This Sunday is World Mental Health Day. Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) works really hard all year supporting your forces so they can support you if you are suffering from poor mental health.
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2 Aug 2021
Trauma therapy in UK policing
A new paper has been published which looks at trauma therapy for police officers and staff with symptoms of Simple and Complex PTSD.
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