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Published 7 Mar 2023
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Welcome to the Oscar Kilo, National Police Wellbeing Service latest bulletin for February / March 2023. Read on to find out what we have been up to and what to expect from us in the coming weeks.

What we’ve been up to


Oscar Kilo Awards 

We are excited to let you know that for the first time in three years we will be announcing the Oscar Kilo Awards at a face to face celebratory event, at the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester in July.

Manchester Science and Industry Museum

We are currently accepting applications and have extended the deadline to Friday 31 March. All award entries will automatically secure places at the event, and we can't wait to meet the individuals instrumental to each project and representatives from their senior leadership team. As an added bonus, on the day, you will also receive free access to the museum. 

The Oscar Kilo Awards have been created to recognise the amazing work that has been done, and continues to be done, across UK policing when it comes to providing wellbeing support for the people who work for you.

The award categories reflect the seven areas of the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework; creating the environment, leadership, absence management, mental health, occupational health, personal resilience and protecting the workforce, and are judged by leading experts in both policing and wellbeing.

Is there a project or programme you have developed or worked on that is making a difference to your force and is worthy of recognition?  Tell us about it by entering our awards.

For more about our awards, application forms, guidance and to read about our previous winners use the link below.

Oscar Kilo Awards

If you have any further questions, please get in touch.


Clinical Governance Group

The clinical governance group (CGG) has been established to lead and oversee clinical interventions that support the police wellbeing agenda. It will set the strategic direction for, and deliver priorities in relation to, medical and occupational health policy and standards. 

The CGG covers the following workstreams; occupational health, medical standards for recruits, ill health retirement, suicide prevention and postvention.

To support this we have updated our website with brand new content and a document library. We have also improved our occupational health section to include the foundation and the enhanced and advanced standards along with a brand new area for our Occupational Health Practitioners to access and share resources to assist them in their role. 

Go to Clinical Governance Group page


Operation Hampshire event 

Last month we hosted the first ever face to face event for our Operation Hampshire representatives from 40 police forces. These individuals are key to driving Operation Hampshire in their force and it was fantastic to get them together, to network and share learning and best practice.

During the two day event delegates heard from our Service Director Andy Rhodes and Op Hampshire National Lead Dave Brewster on where Operation Hampshire sits as a national priority and about planned future developments to the programme.

DS Rob Richards and PC and ex magistrate Richard Goold from the Met talked about the investigation and criminal justice processes following an assault on a member of staff. Steve Hartshorn and Belinda Goodwin from the Police Federation and Ben Priestly from Unison talked about the personal impact on officers and staff and in importance of reporting.

One delegate said: "This event was professionally run and the opportunities to build networking with peers and grow relationships I think will further drive the Op Hampshire agenda. Great inputs and speakers. The passion of those involved is clear and I came away with info I can use practically to enhance our forces activity."

Visit Operation Hampshire page


Nutrition for wellbeing: Healthy swaps

Nutritional expert Anna Earl has created this video to show you how you can increase the nutritional value of some of your meals and drinks. She gives some practical health swaps and recipes to help regulate your blood sugars and maintain a balanced diet.

Anna has also produced a range of recipes to help you get started making those healthy swaps, you can find these and our previous webinars on our nutrition for wellbeing page.

Go to nutrition for wellbeing



What's coming in the next few months


Bereavement counselling support service

This month, we'll be launching a bereavement counselling support service to support the colleagues and families of officers and staff who are killed in the execution of their duties, or die by suicide. We've partnered with 'Just B' who are the bereavement specialists with North Yorkshire Hospice Care to provide forces with an option for support should the worst happen. More details on how to access the service will be sent out to forces in the coming weeks.


National Police Wellbeing Survey

Each year we run our national policing wellbeing survey with the policing research unit at Durham University. The aim of the survey is to give every member of the policing workforce the opportunity to tell us how they truly feel at work so we can build a really clear picture of what we need to work on.

This year we will be launching the survey on the 15th May and a full communications package will be sent to forces at the end of this month.

Check out our previous survey results


'Meaning' short film and mental health awareness package

Hopefully many of you will have now seen our film 'Purpose', as it continues to be rolled out in forces across the country. We are delighted to tell you that we are in the process of developing our second follow on film 'Meaning' which focuses on the next professional stage of "Alfie's" career, investigating the challenges and opportunities he is facing at work. Once again it will be supported by a full wrap around package. 

We are aiming for a launch, including an exclusive premiere screening, in June and will be updating you in our next bulletin.

If you are interested in find out more about our 'Purpose' package and want to know how to roll out in you force you can find details using the link below.

Purpose film


Health and Wellbeing at work event

On 14 and 15 March our Occupational Health team will be exhibiting at the Health and Wellbeing event at the NEC Birmingham. If you are attending the event please pop along and see them on Stand 19 and find out about what it's like to work as an occupational health practitioner in policing.

Health and wellbeing at work event



Food for mood: Nutrition for wellbeing webinar

Food for mood is the fourth webinar of the how to feed your body clock series and takes place on 18 April at 11am. In this webinar nutritionalist Anna Earl will discuss how:

  • What we eat directly affects how we think and feel.
  • The concept of inflammation, when it serves its purpose to support our immune system, and when it can be detrimental to our health.  
  • Which foods have a pro-inflammatory effect on the body and how that can negatively impact our mental health.    
  • What foods and nutrients are beneficial to supporting our mood.

Register here


Better sleep Q and A webinar

Over the past 18 months we have worked with Dr Sophie Bostock to produce and provide you with a wide range of resources to improve your sleep. We've covered so much from how sleep can have an effect on your mental health to tips for shift workers who need to sleep during the day. Sophie has discussed stubborn sleep problems and provided lots of tips and advice around issues such as snoring, menopause and children who just don't want to sleep.

This new question and answer webinar takes place on 19 April at 11am. It will give you a chance to ask any burning questions about sleep related issues that you just can't resolve. It may be you want to know a bit more about one of the subjects we've already covered or you want to ask something completely new. 

Register here


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