Police resilience podcast: Sleep, fatigue, and mental wellbeing

Published 28 Jul 2023
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
Reading time
5 mins

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) have published this new police resilience podcast on sleep, fatigue, and mental wellbeing featuring an input from our Healthy Living Lead Dr Yvonne Taylor.

Lack of sleep poses significant health risks to police officer wellbeing and job performance. It is critical that those in law enforcement reflect upon their sleep habits to identify how these practices impact their day-to-day operations.

Listen to this police resilience podcast with Dr. Jeff Thompson Columbia University and New York City Police Department (Ret.) and Dr. Yvonne Taylor, National Police Wellbeing Service, as they address underlying issues inhibiting good sleep and offer practical, real-world strategies to improve an officer’s quality of sleep and mental wellbeing.

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