Operation Hampshire workshop a success

Published 22 Oct 2021
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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2 mins

As part of our work on Op Hampshire, we were interested to understand if the Microsoft 365 productivity tools being rolled out across the country could be used to monitor assaults on officers and staff, and the support provided after such incidents.

We approached the National Enabling Programme (NEP) and they agreed to work with us on this important project. The NEP then brought in Microsoft, and Microsoft Gold Partner Agilisys, to support the work and now have an initial product which we are looking to pilot in a number of forces.

The NEP / Op Hampshire / Agilisys partnership is establishing a simple, nationally consistent approach to ensure all officers and staff have instant access to a simple, quick and consistent way of reporting assaults against all those in the police service 24/7 using the existing technology platforms which will enable leaders at all levels to take action and decisions based on real time accurate data.

“For example; at 3am, a Sergeant can take less than five minutes to report an assault on a member of their team and this data then triggers appropriate long and short term response ranging from; immediate wellbeing support to strategic changes to training, decision making or equipment.”

There has been no development cost to policing to this point, and the application is designed to work with the Microsoft 365 licences which forces already have.

In the longer term, there are aspirations for national recording and the NEP are discussing how this could take place with the minimum of financial impact.

A workshop took place on Thursday 21st October attended by over 120 policing colleagues, to build understanding of how they will be able to access this standardised approach from the NEP, once the final testing is completed.

The NEP will be providing an update on the progress of development and testing and the next steps.