Blog: GMP wellbeing on tour campaign 2022

Published 1 Jul 2022
Written by
Abby McEwan and Rhian Hurst
Greater Manchester Police
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10 mins

During May staff for Greater Manchester Police Wellbeing Services held their second annual 'Wellbeing on Tour' campaign. The tour comprised of attending ten districts in ten days using one of our Oscar Kilo wellbeing vans, to promote wellbeing services available to officers and staff both internally and externally.

One of the specific priorities for the GMP Wellbeing Team for 2022 was to undertake a wellbeing tour of the force and to continue promoting the support available to staff both internally externally.  

Building on the success of the 2021 tour we wanted to ensure this year we:

  • Engaged with more staff and officers than last year. 
  • Encouraged more individuals to apply to join the wellbeing network.

The ten day event, supported by numerous departments and partner agencies, started on the 16th of May in Bury and after the rain stopped we had steady influx of people throughout the day which was great.

GMP wellbeing on Tour event


Day two we visited Rochdale, alongside partners and volunteers we spoke to 83 people about the support available to them, and held a few private one to one sessions for individuals who required more in-depth support.   

GMP wellbeing on Tour at Rochdale


Oldham was our stop on day three, the enquires we received set the tone for the rest of the tour with advice and support around the menopause being the most popular topic.  We handed out lots of information promoting the menopause app – Balance and signposted to our menopause ambassadors across the force. 

GMP on tour at Oldham


Day four we were at Tameside. The local wellbeing committee arranged for extra stall holders including a cake stall and holistic therapies introducing reiki and the power of magnetism. GMPs State 6 CrossFit group ran a session, lots of people joined in and the group were proud to show their support for prevent breast cancer by wearing pink tutus!

GMP on tour Tameside


Stockport was our base on day five. It was a great way to round up week one, with a staggering 145 people coming to have a chat with us.  Free brews were offered by Stockport Sports and Social and it was so lovely to see so many people interacting and talking to all our partners and volunteers. 

GMP on tour Stockport


Week two started with a visit to CoM North the weather was dreadful but we still had a steady flow of visitors coming to see us.

Day seven was much the same with our visit to Stretford being hampered by the weather, still but everyone who crossed our paths took the time to have a chat and a brew including Superintendent Hurst.  

On day eight at Pendleton it was great to see so many sergeants coming out to find out more about how we can support them in their roles and how they can support and signpost their teams better.

GMP on tour Pendleton


Whilst in Wigan on day nine we had a few mishaps whilst setting, but after a few giggles and swift manoeuvring of the wellbeing van Chief Superintendent Higham came down to support the day. 

GMP on tour Wigan


We received a warm welcome at Bolton for our final day of the wellbeing roadshow.  There was a steady stream of officers and staff coming to visit us over the day and everyone was appreciative of the opportunity to access support information. 

GMP on tour Bolton


We would like to send a huge thank you to everyone who came to see us, supported us and promoted the event. It was a great success with 838 people visiting the van and speaking to us compared to 665 last year.

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