‘Meaning’ – A brand new short film and mental health awareness package launches today

Published 20 Jun 2023
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Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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Today (20 June 2023) sees the launch of a brand-new short film and mental health awareness package entitled; ‘Meaning’. This is the second in a series of films being developed by Oscar Kilo the National Police Wellbeing Service, to create awareness, spark debate and self-reflection.

This film follows 'Jake', a mid-service response officer as he navigates his career. It picks up on issues around the mental and physical demands of the job, hindrance stressors, and has a big focus on the impact of policing on family life.

Service Director for the National Police Wellbeing Service, Andy Rhodes said;  

“We’re really pleased to be able to introduce our second film in this series of short but powerful films that are based on real-life experiences of working police officers.

“We started off with our first film ‘Purpose’ to introduce the concept of using films like this to really help people think about their own experiences and to break down the stigma around how people may be feeling at work.

“We don’t just provide the films themselves, but also a wraparound from an experienced psychotherapist to guide people through what they have seen and provide some helpful ways to think about some of the issues the films raise.

“The key thing here is that these films encourage people to think about themselves, their colleagues, and their families, with signposting to places for support or guidance should they need it.”


This film follows on from the first instalment, entitled; ‘Purpose’, which focused on a new recruit, ‘Alfie’. We’ve had some fantastic feedback on the first film, with one officer in particular stating; 

“This package has helped raise my awareness that other officers experience similar incidents and it has reassured me that I am not alone. I can't put into words how helpful and useful this package was from a personal point of view and I will continue to show other colleagues…to raise their awareness and hopefully it will positively impact their mental health the way it has done mine.

“Thank you to everyone involved in creating the package. You will never understand just how much you have helped, and I can't thank you enough.”

You can find out more about the first film here - ‘Purpose’ – Short film and mental health awareness package | Oscar Kilo )

Both of these films have been developed by people with first-hand experience of working in policing, and supported by interviews with a range of officers, psychologists and experts to establish a broad view of the challenges faced by officers and staff. The themes are also reflective of the issues identified through our national police wellbeing surveys. 

This film in particular also touches on one of the key focus areas of the Police Covenant which is all about the impact of ‘the job’ on the families officers and staff. More work is being done in this area by the National Police Wellbeing Service which will be available to police forces at the end of 2023.


Chris Godwin of Inner Eye Productions, who produced the film said;

“Working on these films has really made me realise wellbeing is key to happiness at work, whether you are working in policing or not. As both films illustrate unless you protect your own wellbeing, the danger is you lose sense of what gives you meaning at home and at work.

“I have a renewed respect for the Police, having worked on these films. I truly believe at the heart of great policing is the desire to make a difference – this is something that came across really powerfully in all in the interviews I carried out for the film.”


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How to access the resource

If you are interested in rolling this film out in your force you can find full details on how to using the link below.

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