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Cancer, work and you

Event date 19 May 2022
Date: 19 May 2022
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
Duration: 2 hours

Join us for our first webinar on cancer, work and you. This event, lead by Chief Inspector Catherine Pritchard, will look at individual experiences, what to expect from work, how to support colleagues and what support is expected of line mangers.  

What does it cost?
This webinar is free to attend
Who's it for?
Individuals who have gone through or are going through cancer, their family members, their colleagues, line managers and HR representatives.
How will the session be run?
The session will be delivered via Microsoft Teams
What if I miss it?
Similar events will take place in the future and if you cannot attend this event but wish to talk about your experiences with us please get in touch via the contact us page on our website.

One in two of us will get cancer. This shocking statistic shows how important it is to get the support right for our people, to make the time off work and the return to work as easy as possible.

Catherine Pritchard, who has recovered from breast cancer, is now leading the work Oscar Kilo are doing to support forces, line managers and individuals who are affected by cancer.

She has already hosted two popular events this year, talking about her own experience, through her diagnosis, treatment and recovery and how her own force supported her. 

This event will give you the opportunity to hear from Catherine and there will also be a presentation by Steve Jones who will talk about his cancer journey.

During this session Catherine would like to hear from individuals who have had a cancer diagnosis, what your experience was, how you were treated by work (when you were off sick and when you returned) and investigate where forces are doing well and where improvements could be made.

We would also like to encourage line managers and HR representatives to join us, to hear from their colleagues who have had cancer, understand the support they need, improve processes and help us to learn and develop some national advice and guidance.

Chief Inspector Catherine Pritchard


Your speakers:

Catherine Pritchard is a Chief Inspector from Cheshire Constabulary who recovered from breast cancer five years ago after a series of chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

With Stephen, she will talk candidly about the positive and negative experiences with the aim of making the workplace part of the recovery.

Find out more about Catherine by reading her blog: 

Blog: Breast cancer and me


Steve Jones

Stephen Jones is a Chief Superintendent in South Wales Police who discovered he had testicular cancer at the age of 46.

He commenced his treatment at the beginning of the Covid pandemic and encountered a wide range of positive and negative experiences on his journey back to fitness and a return to work.

As a result of these lived experiences, Stephen is using his experiences as a senior police officer to try and make subtle but important changes to the way the service supports colleagues through illness, raise awareness and remove embarrassment when discussing personal health issues.



Date: 19 May 2022
Time: 9:30am - 11:30am
Duration: 2 hours