National OK9 network: North West, West Midlands and Northern Ireland

Say ‘hello’ to the OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dogs and their handlers in police forces in the North West, West Midlands, and Northern Ireland.

These dogs are all members of the national OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dog network and are able to attend the aftermath of a major incident to support those affected by trauma. They also get the opportunity to attend national events and to support our wellbeing outreach service. 


Harley in his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket sitting on wooden floor looking at the camera


  • Breed: Labradoodle
  • Likes: Treats, playing with other dogs and all humans
  • Favourite toy: Balls or tug toys
  • Character / traits: Good at mental stimulation games
  • Favourite food: All food

"I am PC Jane Tetlow a police officer. I’m attached to the Safer Schools with Harley. My Labradoodle joined myself and the force in January 2021. He is deep into his training and already making a huge difference everywhere he goes.

"Harley is a big hit, on top of station visits, the schools cannot wait to have Harley visit. He either works on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group in an assembly. This helps to break down barriers between the police and young people."


Bertie wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket sitting on grass


  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Walks and hugs
  • Favourite toy: Other dogs – loves to chase and wrestle
  • Character / traits: Extrovert, loving, affectionate, high energy
  • Favourite food: Roast chicken

Jane Crockett works in HR at the College of Policing. Jane said: "I really enjoy taking Bertie on OK9 visits to force. It gives people an opportunity to have a break from work and cuddle a very affectionate dog. I can also give people more information about all the resources available on Oscar Kilo."


Tara the Irish Setter OK9 wellbeing dog looking at the camera


  • Breed: Irish Setter
  • Likes: Other dogs
  • Favourite toy: Anything she can chew
  • Character / traits: Very friendly and loving - will steal socks
  • Favourite food: Poached eggs

Tara’s owner Belinda Mason is a sergeant in the PSNI. Tara is training to be a PTSD assistance dog for Belinda and also provides emotional support to her colleagues. Tara attends post-incident debriefs and peer support meetings and she accompanies Belinda to work every day.

Tara can be tasked to attend training sessions, public events, and even police interviews. She is excellent at starting the conversation around trauma and mental health in the workplace and shows that disability and trauma can be managed and supported in simple and innovative ways.


Freya is laying on the floor wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Likes: Food and fuss
  • Favourite toy: Casey the dog
  • Character / traits: Freya is so chilled but loves a good cuddle
  • Favourite food: Whatever is put in front of her - typical retriever

Freya is owned by her handler Steve Webb who is Warwickshire’s Health and Wellbeing Inspector. Freya is also known as “Bear” due to being cuddly like a teddy bear but looking like a friendly Polar Bear.

Steve said, "Freya loves nothing more than chilling out and having a cuddle which makes her great as an OK9 dog. Freya is newly qualified but has already brought smiles to the faces of staff on her visits to HQ and the control room."


Black working cocker spaniel sitting on grass looking away from the camera


  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Watching and retrieving pheasants, bouncing in long grass, and lots of attention
  • Favourite toy: Anything she can retrieve and carry to you
  • Character / traits: Very loving, friendly, and loyal, she thrives on human interaction
  • Favourite food: Anything

Vesta is owned by handler DCI Helen Waite. She has been a casual visitor to Bedworth Police Station in the past and brings a smile to everyone’s face who meets her.

Despite being a spaniel she is very chilled and calm and happy to sit and be fussed and stroked by anyone willing to make friends with her.

Helen said: " As an OK9 dog, we are looking forward to her coming to visit any team to brighten the day up with her always happy attitude."


Daisy is a brown and black Border Collie cross Poodle. She is lying on the ground with her right paw tucked under her.


  • Breed: Border Collie cross Poodle
  • Likes: She loves having a cuddle by wedging her head underneath your chin, and her best friend is a chicken
  • Favourite toy: She lives for her ball
  • Character / traits: Daisy is a ball-loving bundle of fluff
  • Favourite food: Daisy loves a gravy bone

Daisy's handler is PC Katie Russell, who is a young persons officer for the Dudley Borough, in the West Midlands Police.

Katie said: "We have used Daisy to engage with our young people within the community. Daisy is an excellent tool we use to break down barriers and obtain the 'voice of the child' and of course, throwing her ball never gets boring."


OK9 dog Margo sitting on a police car


  • Breed: Working Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: People, swimming, and agility
  • Favourite toy: Her fluffy tug
  • Character / traits: Extremely affectionate and loving
  • Favourite food: Sardines and chicken

Emma, Margo’s handler said: "I am the force wellbeing advisor and have seen the positive impact dogs have on others. Margo is a police dog so as part of her training she has been exposed to a lot of police work since she was eight weeks old. She has walked the pride parade with WMP and was an absolute hit at the Commonwealth Games with officers and athletes.

"Internally she is used predominantly for TRiM and peer support, but she also helps me engage with people around what wellbeing support is available to them. Margo draws people to me rather than me having to try and grab people’s attention.

"I never planned to use her as a wellbeing dog but the interactions she’s had made it obvious she would be perfect. She has the most fantastic gentle nature and is a hit in any office I take her but is adored at the training college where I tend to be based. Get her out on a walk though and she does not have a stop button, for this reason, she competes in agility with myself and is doing amazingly."


OK9 wellbeing dog Truffles the Maltipoo looking at the camera


  • Breed: Maltipoo
  • Likes: Playing fetch, human food, and being mischievous
  • Favourite toy: Squeaky dinosaur
  • Character / traits: Loving, playful, and cheeky
  • Favourite food: Anything she can steal from her sister's bowl

Truffle's handlers are Student Officer Assessor PC Emma Dinning and Partnerships Manager Insp Paul Van Veen.

Emma said: "I am lucky to be able to call myself Truffles' mum, and love getting to see her in action, making people smile wherever she goes. She is having a huge impact with her cute, friendly demeanour and allows everyone she meets to have a fuss and open up."

Paul said: "I love seeing Truffles making everyone’s day that bit better."