National OK9 network: North East

Say ‘hello’ to the OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dogs and their handlers in police forces in the North East of England.

These dogs are all members of the national OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dog network and are able to attend the aftermath of a major incident to support those affected by trauma. They also get the opportunity to attend national events and to support our wellbeing outreach service. 


Bella standing next to a police vehicle wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Labrador and Husky cross
  • Likes: Children and going to the beach
  • Character / traits: Bella is a calm dog, she shows compassion and recognises fear and distress in people

Bella’s owner is Amanda Buck, Centre Manager of Breckon Hill Community Centre, a small locally-run charity that responds to community needs. 

Amanda delivers a crisis intervention programme that predominantly focuses on the mental health and wellbeing of all her community members. She and Bella are volunteering with the OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dog project for Cleveland Police.


Dave is a small brown haired French bulldog. He is pictured standing on a wooden floor and is looking away from the camera.


  • Breed: French Bulldog
  • Likes: Dave really loves having a good run around with one of his favourite balls
  • Favourite toy: He loves chewing on bones and he also has a cotton bone that he suckles and settles/sends himself to sleep with
  • Character / traits: Dave always has a smiley face and isn’t afraid to use his voice (bark) when he wants something he can’t reach
  • Favourite food: Dave has low fat treats to try and keep his waistline slim so 'naughty' treats (such as sausages) always bring a smile to his face

Dave's handler is Emma Doree who works within the wellbeing team as an admin assistant. Emma said:

"I am a big believer that animals have an amazing impact on not only people’s physical health but their psychological health also. I have owned pets for many years and have seen the benefits personally of this. When I was younger, I wasn’t very well and was lucky enough to have a Pets As Therapy dog which helped me through my medical journey.

"As well as just becoming an OK9 dog handler, I have recently become the SPOC for the wellbeing dogs within Cleveland Police and I am very excited to see what we can achieve as part of this programme."


Sol the Standard Poodle looking away from the camera wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Standard Poodle
  • Likes: Meeting people
  • Character / traits: Sol has a lovely nature and he brings joy to people's lives

Hilary Brown, Sol’s owner said: “I was so pleased to hear of this national initiative of having wellbeing dogs. When asked to get involved I said yes straight away as the pressure on officers and staff is immense and I hope that Sol can help. I find that my pets provide me with a lot of emotional support at times. He passed his assessment with flying colours.” 

Hilary also volunteers for Blue Cross as an educational speaker and Sol is a Blue Cross education dog too.


Golden Labrador Ben wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Golden Labrador
  • Likes: Cuddles and chasing a ball
  • Favourite toy: A tennis ball
  • Favourite food: Anything - he's a Labrador

Claire Kerr is Ben’s handler and is a PCSO for Durham Constabulary, she has been a PCSO for 15 years and uses her dogs to deliver school and community engagement. Claire thoroughly enjoys her role as an OK9 handler, seeing how much people enjoy our visits makes the job worthwhile.

Claire said: "Ben is a wonderful dog that loves fetching his ball to anyone who needs cheering up, officers and staff always comment on how lovely Ben is and what a difference he makes to their day."


Reggie sitting on grass looking at the camera wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Black Labrador
  • Likes: Splashing around in water
  • Favourite toy: Anything that is soft and cuddly
  • Character / traits: He has a very long tongue
  • Favourite food: Anything - he's a Labrador

Claire Kerr is Reggie’s handler and is a PCSO for Durham Constabulary, she has been a PCSO for 15 years and uses her dogs to deliver school and community engagement. Claire thoroughly enjoys her role as an OK9 handler, seeing how much people enjoy our visits makes the job worthwhile.

Claire said: "Reggie is a funny dog that cannot help but make people laugh, he is a very lively little dog that is always happy and makes everyone around him happy too."


Bert is a white Poodle. He is standing on a wooden floor looking at the camera.


  • Breed: Poodle
  • Likes: Walks and pub
  • Favourite toy: Kong Balls
  • Character / traits: Smart, loving, and chatty
  • Favourite food: Chicken

Joanne Taylor is Bert's handler. Joanne retired as a police officer after 30 years'  service in 2021 and now works part-time as a crime training supervisor.  Joanne said:

"In my previous role, I was always interested and involved with the wellbeing of staff and even had the wellbeing room named after me when I retired. 

"In my current role, being based at the training centre is ideal for Bert to meet many students and staff across the force.  It never ceases to amaze me the difference having a dog in the workplace has on so many people."


Cindy the Springer Spaniel sitting on the floor looking away from the camera


  • Breed: Springer Spaniel
  • Favourite toy: Tennis ball
  • Character / traits: Sock thief 
  • Favourite food: Chicken, rice and raw carrots

PC Ian Sweeney is Cindy’s handler. Cindy is an ex explosives, search, and detection dog. Ian also handles Logan a general-purpose police dog. Both Ian and Logan won the North East Region Award for Bravery after they we both shot whilst detaining an armed suspect in 2019.

Ian adores animals in particular dogs, who never have a bad day. They are always pleased to see you and lift your spirits in every sense. They have incredible healing powers and have assisted Ian many times through this demanding role as a police officer.


  • Breed: Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Food, any playing toys, fetch, attention
  • Favourite toy: Any balls
  • Character / traits: Quite quiet to start with, relatively timid but happy to be stroked and becomes playful
  • Favourite food: Dietary / allergy means he just has his dog biscuits, but he’s so greedy he loves them as treats as well

Doug's handler is Joe Slater, a patrol officer working for Humberside Police.


Ernie is a Cockapoo. He is sitting on the floor wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket.


  • Breed: Cockapoo
  • Likes: Being fussed and cuddles
  • Favourite toy: Toy shark
  • Character / traits: His tongue is always hanging out
  • Favourite food: Anything that’s on our plates, chicken and cheese

Mel Goodman is Ernie's handler. Mel has been a police officer for 20 years and is currently a detective within MOSOVO.

Mel said: "During COVID lockdown I had a period of time off work due to stress and anxiety. I was unable to see anyone and Ernie became my wellbeing dog.

"He senses moods and knows when you just need a cuddle. Ernie is a new wellbeing dog and we are both looking forward to meeting people. I have friends and family who are not dog lovers but they all love Ernie once they have met him."


Maggie in OK9 wellbeing dog jacket and CC Shiner


  • Breed: Labrador
  • Likes: Sleeping on human beds and belly rubs
  • Favourite toy: Anything with a squeak
  • Character / traits: Quiet, observant, patient (unless food is involved)
  • Favourite food: Anything - she's a Labrador

Maggie's handler is DC Andrea Cowey. Andrea said: "I am detective constable within the major crime team in Humberside Police. I have been a serving officer for almost 27 years. I am a mental health first aider, peer to peer supporter, and wellbeing champion. I am a FLO and a specialist suspect and victim/witness interviewer. I am also a volunteer for Police Care UK and an ambassador for the police treatment centres."


Margot wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket doing the high five


  • Breed: Labrador
  • Likes: Everything, especially running really, really fast
  • Favourite toy: Balls, balls, balls
  • Character / traits: Bold, confident, and loving
  • Favourite food: Anything humans eat - not too fond of dog food

Margot's handler is DC Andrea Cowey. Andrea said: "I have two OK9 dogs and love taking the dogs to work with me. They bring so much joy wherever we go. I have lost count of the amount of people who say ‘I feel so much better now’. I recently had both of the dogs with me at the wellbeing wagon and it was definitely double trouble. They are both so different, Margot is very bold and confident and Maggie is much quieter, they each found their own targets."


  • Breed: German Shepherd Dog
  • Likes: Splashing in water and exploring new places
  • Favourite toy: Balls
  • Character / traits: Laid back, inquisitive, playful
  • Favourite food: Medium-rare steak

Christine Hunter is Norma's handler. Christine said: "I work for Humberside Police as a detective in the major crime team. Norma is a cheeky hound but will be your best friend if you have a ball. She loves attention and likes to show off all her tricks."


Pepper is a Cockerpoo. He is in woods with Daffodils behind him. Pepper is standing with his back two legs on the ground and his front two legs on the trunk of a tree looking away from the camera.


  • Breed: Cockerpoo
  • Likes: People, long walks, hugs, chasing his ball and more hugs
  • Favourite toy: Tennis ball
  • Character / traits: Very friendly, gentle and quiet
  • Favourite food: Everything, loves a carrot though

Pepper's handler is DC Gregg Anderson who works in the digital forensics unit as a victim ID/CAID officer. Gregg said:

"I’ve 20 years’ service, of which the majority has been in a stressful environment dealing with child sexual abuse offences. I am a peer supporter and I’m incredibly proud to have my nine-year-old Cockerpoo Pepper involved as a wellbeing dog. 

"He’s a wonderfully natured boy who I’m sure will bring a lot of smiles to peoples face’s when he goes on his visits.  I’m sure he’ll be able to help people who are having a tough time of it, as he has a very calming influence (once he’s stopped tearing around after his ball.)"


Rosie is sitting on grass looking at the camera and is wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Bearded Collie cross rescued from Skiathos
  • Likes: Fuss
  • Favourite toy: A ball
  • Character / traits: Sweet-natured, eager to please, very friendly
  • Favourite food: Bonio’s

Rosie's handler is Helen, a police constable in Humberside Police, based in driver training. Helen has almost 30 years’ service.

Helen said, "I’ve been lucky enough to do many specialisms firearms, traffic, etc. but not the dog section. So, when the opportunity came up to be an OK9 dog handler I jumped at the chance. I have four of my own dogs and am a keen supporter of wellbeing, being a TRiM co-ordinator and a peer supporter. Life is better with a dog.”


Saxon is a medium sized dog with black and grey short fur and floppy ears. She is sat outside looking at the camera wearing a pink collar.


  • Breed: Golden Doodle
  • Likes: Treats, belly rubs, cuddles, humans and running fast
  • Favourite toy: Mr Monkey
  • Character / traits: Calm, quiet and friendly, loves to sit on your feet, and can make anyone smile
  • Favourite food: Chicken, treats and pigs ears

Saxon's handler is Laura Delaney, a police office at Grimsby Police Station on patrol, and also a public order trainer for the force. Laura said: 

"Saxon is a one year old big fluffy puppy. She absolutely loves people and loves cuddles. She is learning every day and she would love you to be part of her journey. She will definitely make people feel happy and content, sitting by their side. Saxon is just beautiful inside and out."


Large black dog with a grey snout and pointy ears wearing a bow tie


  • Breed: German Shepherd cross Labrador
  • Likes: Everything
  • Favourite toy: Ball and teddies, he always carries two toys
  • Character / traits: He is enthusiastic about everything and is a livewire that loves attention
  • Favourite food: Carrots

Zero's handler is PC Helen Johnson working within the Southbank Locate Team with Humberside Police. Helen said:

"I am looking forward for Zero to start his role as he loves people and attention. Zero is a rescue dog that we have had from him being around seven months old. He was worried by a lot of things when we got him, but he has come a long way since then and one thing that hasn’t changed is he never fails to make people smile. He will be a worthwhile distraction from a busy working day and will lift people’s spirits."


Rolo the Show Cocker Spaniel looking at the camera


  • Breed: Show Cocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Any treats, cuddles
  • Favourite toy: Squeaky ball
  • Character / traits: Shy, and quiet but comes out of his shell quickly and loves to sit on chairs around a table
  • Favourite food: Sardines

Rolo's handler is Alan Cox. Alan said, "I have recently changed role in force (onto the recruitment team) and have been fortunate to take PD Rolo with me.  I have been part of the OK9 network for around 18 months, previously with PD Ted who is now an accredited drugs dog, and now with PD Rolo as of October 2022. 

"PD Rolo is quite shy, but loves cuddles and always brings the workplace to a stop when he enters a room. He is in high demand and really enhances the wellbeing stance within the force."


OK9 wellbeing dog Ted the American Fox Red Labrador looking at the camera


  • Breed: American Fox Red Labrador
  • Likes: Balls, food, and people
  • Favourite toy: Scooby Doo ball
  • Character / traits: Vocal, energetic, eager to please
  • Favourite food: Anything that doesn’t move

PC Alan Cox is a police officer working on the community engagement team.

Alan said: "Ted was purchased by our force wellbeing team to help with morale and encourage conversations between colleagues during his visits. He also does some external visits to various community groups.

"Ted has made a huge difference internally, so much so we can’t keep up with demand for him. He is turning into quite the local superstar. The main thing that I need to make colleagues aware of before a visit, is to hide their lunches when he is about."


OK9 dog Whispa in wellbeing jacket standing in front of chair


  • Breed: Golden Retriever
  • Likes: Walking on the beach and playing in the sea
  • Favourite toy: A fluffy oinking pig
  • Character / traits: Thinks she can talk
  • Favourite food: Sunday dinner with vegetables

Brad is Whispa’s handler and has over 30 years policing. He has spent time on road policing and over 16 years on the dog section. He had worked within NYP Federation as he is passionate about highlighting officer welfare and wellbeing, modernising the approach and services offered to our colleagues. Brad retired in May 2022 and is continuing to volunteer with OK9.


Eze sitting on grass wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Spaniel cross
  • Likes: Anything he can eat and his family
  • Favourite toy: His fluffy lamb toy
  • Character / traits: Eze is incredibly gentle and just wants to be with people - he loves all animals and people
  • Favourite food: Anything he can get into his tummy

"I am Donna, I am the Head of PSD in Nottinghamshire and Eze is our wellbeing dog. Eze comes into work most days and spends his time with different teams in the department. He makes a difference every day and I love seeing this. Staff love him and miss him when he is not there. He is very much part of the team and wider in Nottinghamshire Police. I would say he has his own fan club."


Barney the Cockapoo looking at the camera wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Chocolate Cockapoo
  • Likes: Long walkies, playing ball and biscuits
  • Favourite toy: His Christmas sprouts that are a metre long
  • Character / traits: Barney loves cuddles but is always ready to play
  • Favourite food: Roast chicken

"My name is Bea and I currently work on Barnsley central neighbourhood team as a police constable. The role of an OK9 handler is perfect for both me and Barney, I am a strong believer in how a dog can change the morale in the workplace. Barney is the happiest little puppy and instantly lights up a room as soon as he enters. I can already see the difference it is making within a working environment."


Buddy the Cairn/Westie cross sitting on grass wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Cairn and Westie cross
  • Likes: Cuddles, treats, and fuss
  • Favourite toy: Always a tennis ball
  • Character / traits: Loves to play, is very sociable and friendly and enjoys lots of fuss
  • Favourite food: Sausages

"I am Kay Cooper, a dispatcher in the force control room, have been here 26 years and love my job. Buddy is a happy, playful, gentle dog who enjoys fuss and treats. Buddy and I are loving being an OK9 dog/handler and enjoy seeing the joy it brings and how it uplifts people in their workplace."


Charlie OK9 Dog


  • Breed: Sprocker Spaniel
  • Likes: Having secret sofa cuddles with mum whilst dad is on nights
  • Favourite toy: Duck Duck
  • Character / traits: Charlie likes to show off his toys but then not let anyone play with them
  • Favourite food: Sunday dinner

Charlie is owned by Michael Patton and Larissa Porter who both work for South Yorkshire Police.  Michael is based on a response team at Doncaster as the designated response car driver and Larissa is based in Doncaster reactive CID. 

"Being an OK9 handler gives you the joy of sharing your fluffy best friend with your colleagues and brightening their day.  Charlie's sunny personality naturally does this."


Chase the Working Springer Spaniel sitting on the floor wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Working Springer Spaniel
  • Likes: His family, food, long walks, and snow
  • Favourite toy: Rubber tug toy
  • Character / traits: He is loveable and daft with a cheeky nature - he has a real soft spot for children
  • Favourite food: Sausages

"I am Caroline, from the force control room at South Yorkshire Police, a dispatcher for the last 15 years. Being an OK9 handler means a lot to me as I am passionate about improving wellbeing of the officers and staff.

"Chase is a cheeky loveable spaniel with the ability to lift people’s spirits. The feedback we have had so far is that he is perfect for the role. We are very proud to be teamed up."


Dexter the Labrador looking at the camera wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Labrador
  • Likes: Swimming, playing fetch, sunshine, and cuddles
  • Favourite toy: Dexter has a toy sloth that he carries everywhere at home
  • Character / traits: Dexter is very calm and laid back and he loves being around people
  • Favourite food: Dexter will do anything for a piece of cheese

"I am Kay Fitzgerald and I’m a sergeant in Sheffield’s safer neighbourhood services. I am passionate about staff wellbeing so I jumped at the chance of being part of OK9. I knew Dexter would love it and that his happy, relaxed personality would rub off on people in the workplace. I love taking Dexter to work and seeing so many people smile. Having a dog in the workplace encourages conversations in relation to wellbeing."



  • Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Likes: Balls, food, people, cuddles, and long walks
  • Favourite toy: Any ball doesn’t matter who it belongs to
  • Character / traits: Sweet, loving food thief
  • Favourite food: Any, just as long as it’s food

Dottie's handler is Annie, a PCSO based within Cudworth Neighbourhood Team at Barnsley, providing support to local communities and help in overcoming ASB, whilst being a reassuring presence for local residents.

Annie said, "Being an OK9 handler is rewarding knowing I am supporting colleagues in what can be a stressful and at times traumatic role.

"Dottie is a permanently happy and enthusiastic little girl willing to go anywhere to help spread her joy. In her mind, any stranger is just a new friend in the making. Her presence in the work environment provides support and sometimes a well-needed break and distraction from everyday working life."


Eva sitting on grass looking away from the camera wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
  • Likes: Tummy rubs
  • Favourite toy: Pumpkin soft toy
  • Character / traits: Eva is a velcro dog, and needs to be in contact always
  • Favourite food: Salmon

Steve Dakin is Eva's handler. Steve is employed in the training department, his core role is that of a driver trainer, he is also a qualified teacher and coach.

Steve said: "In being an OK9 handler it allows me to share experiences and empathise with the plight of others, whilst sharing the joy the dogs bring. Eva is certainly more suited to a one-to-one or a small group setting and loves to cuddle when acquainted with people."  



  • Breed: Miniature Dachshund
  • Likes: Walks, balls, pebbles, swimming, squirrels
  • Favourite toy: Ball
  • Character / traits: Fun character, pesters for a walk until you give in, hides her ball, and then finds it again
  • Favourite food: Shepherd’s Pie and treats

Francene Birch is Fizz's handler. Francene said, "I am a PC in the mental health and vulnerability team. I became interested in being a part of OK9 because I recognise from my own experiences the benefits that dogs can bring to an individual. 

"I was previously an OK9 handler with Lola my Boxer but due to her old age I have retired her and now my miniature dachshund has taken her place. Fizz is a happy fun dog who likes people to throw her ball for her. She enjoys walking and chasing squirrels on the local golf course. Fizz is very loving and enjoys cuddles."


Honey is sitting on carpet wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket and is looking at the camera


  • Breed: Cockershon
  • Likes: Honey loves cuddles, and tricking you into giving her belly rubs with her puppy eyes, obviously for your welfare, and if she’s out for a walk, she loves puddles
  • Favourite toy: Cheese chew bones and her ball. She occasionally likes to remind humans she is the tug-of-war champion
  • Character / traits: Honey has a gentle loving soul and senses anxiety in people, her main hobby is being a master of sock hide and seek and F1 car impressions
  • Favourite food: Anything but her dog food as our food is her favourite

Jemma Priest is Honey's handler. Jemma said, "I have worked for SYP for 17 years in a number of roles including our force control room and previously as a PCSO / PCSO supervisor. For the last 6 years, I have worked within business change and innovation.

"I have been a wellbeing champion for the last 12 months. I got involved in that to support both staff/officers across the organisation in the challenges that they face on a day-to-day basis."




  • Breed: Yellow Labrador
  • Likes: Being with people, chasing around the fields, and cuddles on the sofa
  • Favourite toy: A teddy pheasant
  • Character / traits: Loving, patient, very happy dog
  • Favourite food: Cheese

"My name is Jennifer Thorne and besides my usual role of secretary to our operations complex command team, I am also an OK9 coordinator and handler. Ken has been deployed within SYP since March 2022 and is making a world of difference to the people he meets.

"He loves coming to work and helping our colleagues, be it attending a briefing after a traumatic event, conferences, or general morale and wellbeing visits – he loves them all."


OK9 dog Lola SYP


  • Breed: Hungarian Vizsla
  • Likes: People
  • Favourite toy: Tug of war type toys
  • Character / traits: Lots of hugs
  • Favourite food: Fantastic appetite

Lola's handler is Steve Dakin, he is employed in the training department, his core role is that of a driver trainer, he is also a qualified teacher and coach.

Steve said: "Being an OK9 handler allows me to share experiences and empathise with the plight of others, whilst sharing the joy the dogs bring.

"Lola is a very sociable dog, who love to be around and to meet people. The breed is known as a velcro dog, due to the compulsion to be with and touching people."


Louie the Springer Spaniel lying on the floor wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Springer Spaniel
  • Likes: Belly rubs
  • Favourite toy: Doesn’t really like toys, prefers real-life fluffy things
  • Character / traits: Finding dead things and eating them
  • Favourite food: Lives for food - any food, especially yours

Louie is owned by Michael Patton and Larissa Porter who both work for South Yorkshire Police.  Michael is based on a response team at Doncaster as the designated response car driver and Larissa is based in Doncaster reactive CID. 

"Being an OK9 handler gives you the joy of sharing your fluffy best friend with your colleagues and brightening their day. Louie literally smiles which is infectious to those around him."


Ronnie the English Springer Spaniel lying on grass wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: English Springer Spaniel
  • Likes: Ronnie enjoys long walks and muddy puddles
  • Favourite toy: Ronnie’s favourite toy is a tennis ball
  • Character / traits: Loving, loyal, child-friendly, and energetic
  • Favourite food: Ronnie likes dog biscuits, however, is partial to a slice of pizza

Ronnie's handler is PC Georgina Taylor who works within the CAPE unit based at Main Street, Rotherham. She is responsible for the development and welfare of new student officers.

Georgina said: "Being an OK9 handler is rewarding it's fantastic working with my family pet, however, it’s great to boost moods when you walk into a room. Ronnie is a wonderful tool to use to break the ice with new students and reduce anxiety levels.

"Ronnie enjoys meeting all kinds of people and has a friendly caring nature. He is emotionally intelligent and won't judge or talk back to anyone. His purpose is to make you smile."


Alba is a brown and white Border Collie. She is sitting in front of a police car wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket and is looking at the camera.


  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Likes: To slurp the last bit of my mum’s cup of tea and going on days out to the seaside
  • Favourite toy: Fluffy teddies and tennis balls to chase and chew
  • Character / traits: Very loving and loves giving kisses and having sofa snuggles
  • Favourite food: Loves raw carrot and when she shows her puppy dog eyes, gets a few of her dad’s crisps

Katie is Alba's handler, a PCSO of six years attached to the Pontefract neighbourhood policing team, a a fraud ambassador, and a peer supporter. 

Katie said: "Alba is a 16-month-old, Red Merle Border Collie, she is my side kick, and she has no idea the joy that she brings to me every day. Alba loves people and any attention they give her; she especially loves cuddles. We are looking forward to starting our wellbeing journey together and to make a difference to those around us."


Bubba the Springer Spaniel sitting in front of the police box with his certificate


  • Breed: Springer Spaniel
  • Likes: Ball, ball and ball
  • Favourite toy: Ball and bones
  • Character / traits: Chilled, happy, caring dog
  • Favourite food: Can only have his food – no treats – but loves an ice cube

Bubba's handler is Emma, a police officer with nearly 20 years service. Emma is currently working in the initial police training department for new recruits. She is a qualified trainer, but is presently working on the support team, offering support and assistance to the students.

Emma said: "I chose to be an OK9 handler as it is important to recognise that people who work for the police are humans, with emotions, feelings and they have potentially experienced significant trauma. 

"Bubba is friendly, caring, chilled out and loves a cuddle or a tickle. The front leg that Bubba has, has already broken and has been pinned and plated due to a birth abnormality. He lost his other leg five years ago and his resilience and perseverance is overwhelming at times. Hopefully he will inspire people that anything is possible. " 


OK9 dog Buddy looking at the camera and sitting in front of a police car


  • Breed: Springer Spaniel Whippet cross
  • Likes: The dog life
  • Favourite toy: Tug
  • Character / traits: A happy K9
  • Favourite food: Anything Jess has

PC Jess Gill has been an officer with West Yorkshire Police for 15 years and works in stronger communities. Bud was re-homed with Jess in 2020 at three years old and is a true companion dog. Jess and Bud will be working alongside other officers at district as part of their wellbeing provisions. Jess is an inclusion, diversity and equality ambassador at Bradford.


Buddy the Border Collie lying on the ground wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket


  • Breed: Border Collie
  • Likes: Cuddles, treats, and playing
  • Favourite toy: Ball
  • Character / traits: He smiles
  • Favourite food: Partial to a gravy bone biscuit

Buddy is a two-year-old Border Collie who is always so happy to meet people and loves other dogs. He is always ready for a game of fetch and loves lots of strokes and cuddles.

PC Sharron Thistlewood is Buddy’s handler, she joined West Yorkshire Police in 1994 and currently works within dispatch at HQ. Sharron is so proud of Buddy and passionate about assisting officers and staff with their wellbeing. She is a TRiM practitioner.


Dory is a black Labrador. She is sitting looking away from the camera with a pink collar and her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket.


  • Breed: Labrador
  • Likes: Attention and treats
  • Favourite toy: Anything edible
  • Character / traits: Happiest dog ever 
  • Favourite food: Everything

Dan is Dory's handler. Dan has worked for West Yorkshire Police for over 15 years and has worked across a number of roles in custody, NPT, CSI, NPAS and is now a duty manager running a call handling and dispatch team. 

Dan said: "Dory was once described as having a “pure soul”. She loves being around people and divides her attention between everyone in the room - especially if they have treats.

"Dory loves working in her wellbeing role. It’s good to see how people interact with her when they are feeling low. She never fails to raise a smile." 


Indy is a Fox Red Labrador. She is laying on carpet wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket.


  • Breed: Fox Red Labrador
  • Likes: Woodland walks, fetch, and tug 
  • Favourite toy: Balls or furry teddy’s - even better with a squeak
  • Character / traits: Playful, and friendly especially if you have food or a ball
  • Favourite food: Anything, she's a Labrador

Catherine is Indy’s handler. She has been a PCSO for 18 years and currently works within the early action team at Bradford District. Catherine enjoys seeing Indy lift people's mood and is passionate about her colleague's wellbeing. Catherine is a trained peer supporter.

Catherine said: "Indy is a one-year-old Fox Red Labrador. She is very playful and anyone's friend especially if they have a toy and willing to play tug or fetch and especially if you have food! She just loves attention." 




Ken is a Japanese Akita. He is wearing his OK9 wellbeing dog jacket and is sitting in front of a police car.


  • Breed: Japanese Akita
  • Likes: Talking and sleeping
  • Favourite toy: Plastic bottle
  • Character / traits: He will high five you for a small fee
  • Favourite food: Anything you’re eating

Lee is Ken's handler and is the district training officer for Kirklees and has been with West Yorkshire Police for just over two years, Lee is a TRiM practitioner and a peer supporter.

Lee said: "Ken is a five-year-old Japanese Akita, who just loves to be the centre of attention. He loves to mingle, meet new people, and loves big cuddles, he a cheeky boy and will let you know if you’re not paying him enough attention by howling at you."


Lola is a black Cockapoo with white under her chin. She is sitting looking away from the camera wearing her OK9 wellbeing dog jacket.


  • Breed: Cockapoo
  • Likes: The beach, forests, cuddles and tummy rubs
  • Favourite toy: Teddies
  • Character / traits: Loves giving cuddles and giving presents to visitors, anything will do socks, shoes, even her bed
  • Favourite food: Roast chicken

Lola's handler is Gilly, a mother of three, three grandchildren and two fur babies. Gilly has 20 years’ service in the police, spending her entire career in the Kirklees District; initially on response, now in child safeguarding.

Gilly said: "I became a TRiM Practitioner in April this year as welfare is very important to me. I have lots of life experience and, having gone through it myself, a strong awareness of the menopause.

"Being an OK9 handler is fantastic, it’s like taking your best friend to work. Lola has had a lovely reception; she enjoys interacting and receiving cuddles. I’m getting that many visit requests she’s going to need her own federation diary."