Breast health

We are delighted to be working alongside breast health experts to provide support and advice for officers and staff, and test the effectiveness of protective gear on women’s bodies.

In this section, you'll find out everything you need to know about your breast and we've pulled together some great advice on how to get the right bra with the right support for your role and lifestyle. 

Breast health and bra support webinar

This webinar was facilitated by Dr Jenny Burbage and Bethany Canty from Portsmouth University’s School of Sport, Health, and Exercise Science.

During the session, Jenny and Beth talk you through the breast health educational resources now available in this section of the website. This includes information on breast anatomy, problems with breasts (such as size, pain and damage), breast changes over the life cycle, what is appropriate breast support and how to assess bra fit. They also give you information about a current research project looking into the effect of operational equipment and bra type interaction on breast motion and perceived comfort in female police officers.

Study on breast health of female police officers

Every day 50,000 female police officers wear body armour to help protect them - but without the right breast support this can cause discomfort and pain. 

We've teamed up with the biomechanics teams at the University of Portsmouth and the University of Lincoln to look into how breast health is impacted by the combination of different bra styles, breast shape, and size and different types of protective gear. 

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