Use of local heritage sites

Merseyside Police are engaging with partners who have guardianship of local heritage sites or beauty spots to encourage free access for servicing officers and staff, providing greater access to green spaces and outdoor facilities.

How it works

Policing can be a stressful environment and our stations are often not equipped to provide adequate green spaces or break out facilities to enable staff to decompress. Often based in busy city centres or industrial estates, there can be a lack of appropriate venues for staff to escape outside during their meal breaks.

With this in mind, the intel unit approached the nearby Speke Hall, part of the National Trust collection, to request if officers and staff could access the extensive grounds for recreational and relaxation purposes.

The National Trust agreed that serving officers and staff could access the grounds free of charge, providing they were able to show proof of employment with the force.

Following this engagement, the venue has become a popular break out space for officers and staff. Many visit to during their lunch breaks however it is also used as a running route and to conduct walking meetings.

This cost effective intervention has had a positive impact on the wellbeing of those working within the vicinity by enabling them to step outside the station and to decompress outdoors.

Whilst Speke Hall is unique to Merseyside, there are many options nationally through the National Trust, Heritage England and Cadw where other forces could cite this example as a precedence for local collaborative opportunities.

Top tips for implementation

Tip 1
Review local heritage sites, green spaces or points of interest to establish ownership rights.
Tip 2
Approach guardians to request access and seek to outline the benefits of regular engagement with local officers.
Tip 3
There is opportunity for this option to be utilised more broadly with other stakeholders to establish agreed venues for agile working.
Budget required

Ease of implementation


Impact on investigators