30 things in 30 days

This project by South Wales Police was an innovation gathering exercise to identify key organisational barriers or hindrances that are having a negative impact on our investigators.

How it works

To progress the HMIC recommendations around the capability and capacity of investigators, a series of focus groups were held with detectives across the force to understand the current issues relating to recruitment, retention and wellbeing.  The results of these focus groups were presented to chief officers and a series of recommendations were made to improve conditions. As part of this, a request was made to run an innovation gathering exercise that replicated a force wide programme (100 Things 100 Days) at a more targeted level.  

The idea was to make 30 improvements in 30 days that would directly impact investigator colleagues. We contacted all our detectives to promote the challenge and asked that they submit ideas for things they would like to see changed and that would have a big impact on their wellbeing or workload.  Within 30 days, we received over 50 ideas from detectives across the force, ranging from requests to develop a local knowledge hub through to process improvements for file submissions to CPS. These ideas were then presented to our gold investigator resilience group for deliberation and action.

Over 30 ideas were eventually implemented to improve wellbeing including better reward and recognition, support for the NIE and dedicated wellbeing time. To collate ideas, we utilised an existing innovation gathering platform, 'simply do', that had been created following the force wide programme. We have however utilised simple email inboxes or Dragon’s Den type exercises in the past to gather these ideas for similar initiatives.   

Top tips for implementation

Tip 1
Engage detectives in face to face groups where possible to gather support, with electronic capture of ideas at a later date.
Tip 2
Engage DS/DI’s to encourage support and engagement.
Tip 3
Be robust in idea management and communication to ensure officers know what ideas are being taken forward and why.
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Ease of implementation


Impact on investigators


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30 things in 30 days evaluation report