'Meaning' - Short film and mental health awareness package

‘Meaning’ is the second in a series of films being developed by Oscar Kilo the National Police Wellbeing Service.

These films are intended to act as a platform to encourage officers and staff to not only be more self-aware, but to also encourage thinking and discussion around how systems and processes could work better, and provide an opportunity for signposting and support.


This new film, entitled 'Meaning', follows on from the first package released at the end of last year called ‘Purpose’ – find out more about that film here

These films have been developed by people with first-hand experience of working in policing, and supported by interviews with a range of officers, psychologists and experts to establish a broad view of the challenges faced by officers and staff. The themes are also reflective of the issues identified through our national police wellbeing surveys. 

The topics and themes that we see in these films also bring into focus the areas of the Police Covenant, in this case, the main emphasis is on the impact of ‘the job’ on the families officers and staff. More work is being done in this area by the National Police Wellbeing Service which will be available to police forces at the end of 2023 and will be available here, on the Oscar Kilo website.


The film

This story follows 'Jake', a mid-service response officer as he navigates his career. It picks up on issues around the mental and physical demands of the job.

As you watch the film, you can see the impact that the job is having on not only Jake, but on his family too. We see his behaviour and temperament gradually deteriorating and the effect this is having both at work, and at home. 

We can see the build-up of the stresses and strains taking their toll on Jake and this is what we’ve heard as a very common experience through our research and surveys.

Towards the end of the film, we see how Jake decides to respond to this and the positive effect this has.

The trailer

How to access the resource

This resource is intended to act as a platform to encourage officers and staff not only to be more self-aware, but also encourage thinking and discussion on how systems and processes could work better to support officers and staff and provide an opportunity for signposting and support.  

The package should be used in a setting where open conversation can take place, whether this be in person or as part of a virtual session. These sessions should be facilitated by an experienced wellbeing lead, or peer supporter who can actively signpost people to sources of support if needed or into the resources available via Oscar Kilo.  

The full film and package, if you wish to use it in your force, can be requested using the contact form on the website.  

When you request the film, you will also be issued with some further information about using the package and some communications messaging and images to help you promote your sessions locally. 

Any enquires about the package can be directed to the team using the contact form