Keeping the peace resilience webinars

On this page, you will find our series of ‘Keeping the Peace’ webinars delivered by Alexis Powell–Howard, director of Fortis Therapy. 

Each webinar is supported by a podcast that discusses the issues.

These interactive and engaging webinars have been developed to support police officers and staff with their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

The webinars aim to help you to recognise the signs of emotional struggle in yourself and others and will give you the knowledge on how to support yourself and your colleagues.

Alexis Powell–Howard has developed a reputation for being innovative, progressive, and collaborative in her thinking. She’s a professional speaker for mental health, speaking at conferences for businesses, HR networks, law firms, schools, emergency services, and the Ministry of Defence.

Duty of self care

In this session we discussed the role of serving the public, the impact of the job on your mental health, how to look after yourself and how to avoid burn-out.

Using the Fortis self care wheel you will learn how to explore your own levels of self care, receiving tips that you can apply to yourself and to others.


The masks we wear

This session looks at how we present ourselves, how we respond to others, what we show and what we keep hidden and will discuss the reasons why.

It investigates our perception of others, how this can get in the way and how we can all understand and manage the masks we wear better.


Duty of self care interview

In this podcast style interview Alexis talks with Sergeant Mark Mottashed of Lancashire Constabulary about the importance of self care, what self care means, Mark’s experiences and his lessons learned during his career. 

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The masks we wear interview

Alexis talks with DCI Pete Thorp of Humberside Police about the masks we wear and in particular his mask. Alexis asked him to take part in a creative task, and in this podcast they discuss how this felt, how Pete interpreted the task and his reflections having done it.

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