Compassion at work toolkit

A ‘compassion at work’ toolkit has been developed by the National Forum for Wellbeing at Work. 

You can read about it and download the pdf from this page.

This ‘compassion at work’ toolkit sets out the business case for compassion at work and provides examples of what this means and how it can be implemented in practice. It also covers what is meant by the terms ‘empathy’ and ‘compassion’ in the workplace, what happens without it, why we lack it and how we can foster compassion.

The toolkit was authored by Fiona Meechan in her role as lecturer in Healthcare Leadership and Management at the University of Manchester, Fiona is now working with the College of Policing.

Download toolkit

What is the National Forum for Wellbeing at Work?

The National Forum for Wellbeing at Work brings together HR Directors and Chief Medical Officers from over 30 leading global companies and major public sector institutions and is dedicated to improving workplace wellbeing. It was established by Professor Cary Cooper of Alliance Manchester Business School and Dr Paul Litchfield, Chief Medical Officer at BT.

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