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10 May 2021
Baloo helps support Charlie through lockdown
Wellbeing and trauma support dogs don’t just support our officers and staff around the country, some of them support their families. We just had to share this heartwarming story of how Baloo, wellbeing dog from Essex Police helped Charlie.
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15 Apr 2021
Guidance on managing stress at work
The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have issued some ‘top tips’ for line managers, to help them keep their teams happy and healthy in work by adopting a positive leadership approach.
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2 Mar 2021
Blog: Falling from the Moon
In this blog, Phil talks about the journey he and his family have been through after his daughter was diagnosed with anorexia and how they have pulled together to support each other and to improve her mental health.
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8 Dec 2020
Blog: COVID-19 and mindfulness
Rachel Blackwell talks about how she got into mindfulness and why she thinks it is a useful part of any police officer’s kit both in our professional and personal lives. She has also included some short mindfulness sessions that you can try at home.
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2 Dec 2020
Blog: Don’t deal with debt alone
This time of year can be financially challenging for many and it is even more difficult to see light at the end of the tunnel during a global pandemic. We want to encourage officers who are struggling to make ends meet, to seek support and realise that there is help available.
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2 Dec 2020
Responding to trauma in policing 2020
An updated guidance document ‘Responding to Trauma in Policing’ has been published by the College of Policing. The document, originally published in 2018, has been updated to reflect the current policing landscape, including responses to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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1 Nov 2020
Blog: Let’s Talk Menopause
The menopause will affect us all at some point. Read on to find out about the work West Mercia Police have been doing to improve awareness of the menopause.
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26 Aug 2020
The healing power of fur
Meet Dexter, the Metropolitan Police’s first wellbeing dog. Dexter lives with his handler PC Mike Sheather who, when not supporting Dexter at wellbeing sessions, works with his firearms recovery dog. Mike is also trained as a mental health first aider and blue light champion.
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20 Aug 2020
Menopause in the workplace
West Yorkshire Police have developed a brand new resource in conjunction with the National Menopause Action Group (MAG) to raise awareness of the menopause and how it might impact on individuals in the workplace.
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19 Aug 2020
Financial wellbeing guidance
Financial wellbeing is now, more than ever before, a crucial part of a holistic approach to employee wellbeing. Read this guidance...
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