Top dogs: Koli and Peggy

Published 25 Aug 2023
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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2 mins

Congratulations go to Koli and Peggy who are both OK9 top dogs from London Fire Brigade. In this article, you will discover what they have been up to, to deserve this honour.

OK9 dogs Peggy and Loki

Koli and Peggy are London Fire Brigade OK9 Wellbeing and Trauma Support Dogs, they have been pioneers in bringing wellbeing to officers and staff right across the service. This work has not gone unrecognised as recently they helped their handler Shelley Robinson win a prestigious LFB People Award for her services to her brigade. 

Shelley Robinson LFB

The work the three of them have done together has shown the benefits of having OK9 Wellbeing Dogs and the difference they can make to the mental health and wellbeing of staff. Shelley is now expanding the scheme and soon another 10 OK9 Wellbeing Dogs and handlers will be joining Koli and Peggy as they provide comfort, joy and support to the workforce. 

To thank Koli and Peggy for their devotion to wellbeing, the dogs received peanut butter bones and doggy wine!  

We look forward to meeting the new London Fire Brigade OK9 Wellbeing Dogs in the near future!