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Published 7 Oct 2021
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Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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This Sunday is World Mental Health Day. Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) works really hard all year supporting your forces so they can support you if you are suffering from poor mental health.

On Sunday 10 October it’s World Mental Health Day hosted by the World Federation for Mental Health.

Emergency services workers face unique and complex challenges on a daily basis that you don’t often find in other sectors, and these challenges can have a detrimental impact on their mental health.  

Oscar Kilo, the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS), has been designed to provide support and guidance to organisations so they can support their employees in all areas of wellbeing including their mental health.

Our live services have been developed for policing, by policing and include training, guidance and practical support to improve and build upon organisational wellbeing. 

Some of the services we offer

  • Our psychological and trauma risk management live service includes our emergency services trauma intervention programme (ESTIP). ESTIP is a tiered programme of escalating support which is being used by forces to help officers and staff deal and process traumatic incidents, and to put relevant interventions in place.
  • Operation Hampshire: We cannot overlook the impact of being assaulted at work and how it can affect our physical and mental health. Op Hampshire is supporting forces to respond more effectively to assaults ensuring officers and staff get the support they need when they need it.
  • Our OK9 wellbeing and trauma support dogs make a massive impact wherever they go and forces around the country have recognised their value and the impact a dog makes when introduced into the workplace. All the OK9 dog handlers are trained mental health first aiders or peer supporters who are happy to have those difficult conversations and provide sign-posting to support if it’s required.
  • Psychological risk assessments and structured Interviews are an effective way of reducing the risk of poor mental health in UK policing. We are working closely with occupational health teams to roll these out across the country with funding secured to deliver over 8,000 assessments.

Find out more on all the above by visiting our services pages.

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In our resources section, there's lots to support you, help identify the signs of poor mental health, self-help tips on improving mental health, and details on how to help yourself and others. 

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