Make healthy swaps to improve your wellbeing

Published 24 Feb 2023
Written by
Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
Reading time
10 mins

We've just published a brand new video by nutritionist Anna Earl looking at how some simple health swaps can make a difference to how we feel.

In this short video Anna looks at how you can increase the nutritional value of some of your meals and drinks. She gives some practical healthy swaps and recipes to help regulate your blood sugars and maintain a balanced diet.

On our nutrition for wellbeing page you'll find lots more great advice in the form of bite sized videos and webinars. Anna has also put together a selection of healthy, easy to follow recipes. You will find a selection of nutritional breakfasts, main meals, soups, smoothies and snacks to prepare which will keep you fuller for longer and avoid snacking.

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