OK9 top dog: Luis

Published 5 May 2022
Written by
Catherine Parfitt
Thames Valley Police
Reading time
2 mins

Congratulations goes to Luis who is an OK9 top dog and his handler Catherine Parfitt from Thames Valley Police. In this article you will discover what Luis has been up to to deserve this honour.

Luis has been working his magic over the past few months, he has travelled to Banbury, Bicester, Abingdon, Oxford, to name just a few places! 

Luis has brought joy to so many, he has worked with teams and individuals supporting them after exposure to trauma, at funerals or just for a cuddle and a screen break.

We have seen tears of joy and tears of sadness.  Luis has been present at colleagues’ return to work after periods of leave or isolation and he has given them a distraction and lowered their anxiety.  One officer said ‘He has made this day so much easier for me, I have been off for such a long time I was worried about returning’.

Luis has also worked with two members of staff who were frightened of dogs – after only a short time they were having a stroke and cuddle helping them to overcome their fears.

Before becoming a wellbeing and trauma support dog Luis used to be a diabetes detection dog, during a recent team visit  he would not leave an officer alone,  I asked the officer how they were feeling and they said they were fine but really tired.  I told them what Luis used to do, and advised them to get checked out, the following week the officer was diagnosed with diabetes and is now getting the help and support needed. 

The only complaints Luis receives when we are out and about is about his hair - it gets everywhere, especially on black uniforms. I am considering carrying a lint roller to future visits.

Well done Luis!