The key facets to wellbeing

Published 1 Sep 2018
Written by
Dr Ian Hesketh
National Police Wellbeing Service
Reading time
5 mins

Find out about the 'Key Facets to Wellbeing' model and how it can impact on workplace wellbeing.

The 'Key Facets to Wellbeing' model was developed by Dr Ian Hesketh in 2014 and he summarises the model below:

There are three main tenets that we know impact on workplace wellbeing. Those being, firstly create an environment in which people can carry out meaningful work that accords with their sense of purpose in life. Secondly, evidence suggests leadership is key to employee wellbeing. Being well – led is fundamental and requires great skill and a sense of compassion. Thirdly, personal resilience is vital, with all the complexity of a modern police service our officers and staff need to be resilient.

These three key ‘facets’ are what make up the model below and fit in against the ‘universal’ element of the GAIN model.

Key facets to wellbeing