OK9 top dog: Hogan

Published 30 Jun 2022
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Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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Congratulations goes to Hogan who is an OK9 top dog and his handler Sandra Rigby from Dorset Police. In this article you will discover what Hogan has been up to to deserve this honour.

Hogan has been busy over the last few months with the OK9 wellbeing van tour across Dorset stations and departments. His handler Sandra said:

As Hogan is a bit unusual in appearance he's really popular and always draws a crowd meaning we have to give ourselves plenty of time when making visits as everyone wants to say hello. 

OK9 Hogan and new recruits


One of Hogan's favourite commitments is his regular visit to the force control room. The staff working there are under immense pressure so Sandra and Hogan have been visiting a few times a month.  They carry out general walk arounds in the department and set up in the break room for a few hours so staff to come in and chat. During these visits Sandra takes the opportunity to talk to individuals, signposting them to help if they need it and offers her support with any concerns they may have.  Hogan loves the attention and enjoys going for numerous walks at break time.

OK9 Hogan and Poole response officers


Together they have linked up with some of the recruits on Durham's transferee and probationer courses, they make sure the recruits know what is available in force to support their wellbeing and promote the work of Oscar Kilo and the OK9 dogs.

Sandra and Hogan have been heavily supported by the National Probation Service, so they paid a visit to their local team.  Sandra said:

They have a very difficult job to do so it was nice to give something back and to make them smile.  

OK9 Hogan and Dorset probation team


Next month Sandra and Hogan have been invited to deliver a wellbeing input to departmental heads around best practice on how to look after the wellbeing of their staff. 

Hogan also volunteers as a PAT dog at one of the local care homes. Sandra said:

He loves his time here and it is nice to see so many smiles when he arrives.  A few of the residents are bedridden and some have dementia so to see them so happy and engaging with him is truly awesome.

Hogan is making a massive difference in his force which we are all very proud of. Well done Hogan!