Enter the Oscar Kilo Awards 2023

Published 11 Jan 2023
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Oscar Kilo
National Police Wellbeing Service
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The 2023 Oscar Kilo Awards are now open for submissions. If your force has created a project or programme that is making a difference to the wellbeing of your officers and staff, then why not enter it for one of our awards.

The Oscar Kilo Awards have been created to recognise the amazing work that has been done and continues to be done, across UK policing when it comes to providing wellbeing support for the people who work for you.

The award categories reflect the seven areas of the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework (BLWF):

  • creating the environment
  • leadership
  • absence management
  • mental health
  • occupational health
  • personal resilience
  • protecting the workforce

If you, or a colleague, have completed, or are working towards the BLWF and have created a project or programme that is making a difference to your force, and is worthy of recognition, then let us know!

We also have ‘Special none Police Award’, for another organisations such as a UK fire and rescue services who are working towards completing the BLWF.

Entries for the 2023 Oscar Kilo awards are closed.

We will be announcing the winners on 13th July at a live event in Manchester.

The window for submitting entries for the 2024 Awards will open towards the end of the year.

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