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Police Superintendents' Association: Peer Support Training - Dates in April 2022

Event date 29 Apr 2022
Date: 29 Apr 2022
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Duration: 6 hours

We have two courses running throughout April 2022. These are detailed below.


What does it cost?
There is no charge for this training for home office forces.
Who's it for?
This course is for officers holding the rank of Superintendent and Chief Superintendent, who wish to become Peer Supporters, to deliver timely practical support, following exposure to traumatic events in their force, or by exception and only in agreement with their force, as part of mutual aid.
How will the session be run?
The course is currently delivered on Microsoft Teams.
What if I miss it?
If you are unavailable to attend any of these events, future dates may become available and will be advertised via Oscar Kilo and the PSA.

This Peer Support training is scheduled on the following dates for the forces listed below:

  • 14th April 2022 - Various forces
  • 29th April 2022 - Various forces


Is this course for me?

This training package is based on our OK Peer Support for Wellbeing model which has been designed by the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS) in conjunction  with the PSA,  specifically for those operating in emergency services environments. 

The training covers the following areas:                                                                   

  • What is Peer Support?
  • Communication and supportive relationships
  • Stigma and non-clinician conditions
  • Mental Health awareness and clinical input

This bespoke course equips Superintendents and Chief Superintendents with skills to provide help and guidance on a range of issues to others within their ranks, acting as a critical friend to colleagues needing independent support. The training also supports self-development.
The training has been developed to help the PSA in their commitment to supporting the wellbeing of its members, who are the most senior operational leaders in the service.

This work will also help to establish a Peer Support for Wellbeing Network across the country at Superintendent and Chief Superintendent level. 

Other upcoming course dates are: 13th May 2022 and 27th May 2022  

How to access this training

Access to the courses will be promoted directly through the Police Superintendents' Association (PSA).

Use the button below to register your interest.

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Date: 29 Apr 2022
Time: 9:00am - 3:00pm
Duration: 6 hours