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More about this area

The ultimate aim of this area of support is to facilitate continuous improvement in occupational health services and therefore, provide positive impacts for the whole policing workforce. It will:

  • improve occupational health ability to respond to the demands of an evolving policing landscape
  • help us gather information which will allow us to inform and promote best, safe and effective practice
  • ensure consistency
  • enable dialogue within communities of practice and colleague support
  • raise the profile of occupational heath within policing

This service is available to all Home Office force occupational health units, whether they have in-house or outsourced services.

How it works

Following the publication of the Foundation Occupational Health Standards in 2019, forces are now required to complete the occupational health section of the Blue Light Wellbeing Framework (BLWF).

In order to support this, and ensure that forces have access to information and support they need, our team of occupational health experts are providing support in the following ways:

  • holding regional workshops with the objective of developing a regional network
  • enhancing the information available on Oscar Kilo by development of a “best practice” library of information curated by the National Police Wellbeing Service (NPWS)
  • obtaining information from forces by way of force occupational health profiles
  • the formal introduction of the enhanced and advanced occupational health standards as an additional feature to the foundation standards, which are due to be published later in 2021

Access and support

If you are an occupational health practitioner and you want to learn more about this service for your force, please contact us and we'll be happy to help.