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30 Jul 2020
Resilience goes hand-in-hand with self-compassion
Jeff Thompson, Ph.D. has been studying how self-compassion is necessary for our resilience, his blog ‘Resilience goes hand in hand with this‘ has been published by Psychology Today.
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2 Jul 2020
Considerations post COVID-19
Professor Neil Greenberg was lead in developing the staff mental health strategy for the London Nightingale hospital during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic.
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24 Jun 2020
Guidance from the British Psychological Society
The British Psychological Society (BPS) has published new guidance on how employers and employees can prepare for new ways of working as the easing of the lockdown is announced. They have also produced a document that will help staff and their employers work from home successfully.
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12 Jun 2020
COVID-19: Trauma resilient policing
In order to meet the challenges of COVID-19, Police Care UK have turned to some of the most influential and insightful voices in resilience and mental health to find out what we can do to help support our frontline officers.
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5 Jun 2020
Police wellbeing and major incidents
'Police wellbeing: A staged approach when dealing with major incidents' guidance aims to provide a framework of support to human resources and occupational health teams when responding to major incidents. 
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